Interest Research Area

    • Machine Learning: With a focus on advanced machine learning methodologies, including supervised, unsupervised, and semi-supervised learning.
    • Data and Text Mining: Specializing in knowledge discovery, text mining, text classification, and text analytics, contributing to substantial advancements in these domains.
    • Artificial Intelligence: Exploring the multifaceted dimensions of AI, including pattern recognition and automatic data processing.
    • Sentiment and Social Network Analysis: Employing sophisticated techniques to analyze social networks and gauge sentiment accurately.
    • Predictive and Statistical Analytics: Utilizing robust predictive models for effective statistical data analysis, feature extraction, and data preparation.
    • Web Mining: Focusing on semantic web analysis to glean insights and enhance the web experience.
    • Clustering and Classification:
      Employing advanced clustering and classification techniques to process and analyze large datasets.

    Dr. Khaled Alomari

    Associate Professor of Information Technology 


    Dr. Khaled Alomari is a seasoned Associate Professor of IT at Abu Dhabi University, with a robust background spanning various facets of Information Technology. His experience ranges from roles as an Instructor of IT, Senior Instructor, Assistant Professor, and an Academic Coordinator at Abu Dhabi University to a Computer Teacher and Trainer in Jordan. Dr. Alomari’s academic qualifications are equally impressive, including a Ph.D. in Computer Science and a Master of Business Administration. He has made significant contributions to the field with numerous publications, showcasing his in-depth research and knowledge. Dr. Alomari’s extensive training certifications and courses reflect his commitment to continuous learning and expertise in areas like Microsoft technologies, instructional design, and remote work foundations. His diverse teaching portfolio covers subjects from computer skills and data analysis to entrepreneurship and management information systems, underscoring his multifaceted proficiency in the realm of IT and education.


    Associate Professor of IT - Abu Dhabi University- UAE

    2023 — Present


    2014 : 2017 – British University in Dubai (BUID)

    2018 : 2021 – Abu Dhabi University

    2006 : 2009 – Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences (AABFS)

    2001 : 2005 – Jerash Private University


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